My Nieces Visit the Motherland


After growing up in West Palm Beach, my brother decided to say goodbye to city life and moved himself and two daughters to Arkansas some years ago.  This week they are on spring break in Pensacola. (Yes, they are teenage girls and are not happy to be having their picture taken.)

As young children our parents would pack my bothers and sisters and myself and drive the 12+ hours up to the panhandle.  This is where my paternal grandfather had retired and we spent many spring breaks, summers, and Christmas vacations in Pensacola.

Our Grandfather lived on Arnett Street.  As the story goes, there was not much there when he decided to settle there and the City allowed him to choose the name of the street.  Hence Arnett Street.

When we were kids the only thing there was my Grandfather’s goat farm, a horse farm, and acres and acres of woods and trees that we spent many hours exploring.  From the map below it is obvious how much this area has grown.

Hope you girls have as much fun there as we used to.    ❤Love, Aunt Eeyore